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Hours in a row enjoy the Relaxing Nature Sounds – the soothing sound Of the River and the delightful Singing of Birds! It’s hard to believe, but this vi.

Hospitality at Level #8 – Cross-Serve

The cafeteria at Level #8 of Harbin – “The Party will be starting in just a moment”

We find the buffet is quite eclectic and the food is fresh. There is some good stuff here!

We walked into the Peace & Harmony corner of the hotel lobby and it was quite a surprise to find that it was even better than the

other parts of the lobby.

The lobby of the Harbin Shangri-La Oriental Hotel

We were able to check into our accommodations in no time at all. Once again, the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. In fact, the staff did more than their job as hoteliers; they were like our little family.

We had a four-star room with a magnificent view of Harbin and the tree tops of the city. The room had a spectacular view of the Yanyuwan Park, which is a beautiful park that is also part of Harbin’s zoo. The animals were amazingly close to the hotel and our window was a perfect vantage point to look in on them as they were about their daily routines.

It didn’t take long before we were off again. There is something about Harbin that’s like no other place.

Several hours later we returned to our room for some rest. The water tank in the bathroom looked like it was three feet tall and had plenty of water in it. It was just like a high class hotel.

The computer I was going to use is at Level #8 – Please call for availability. This is one of the few hotels in Harbin that has an Internet access point.

Cherries, dates, and bananas!

It was time to break out the iPod again! We spent the rest of the evening listening to videos and relaxing.

We were off early the next day. We had breakfast and after checking out and walking around for a while we caught the one-way train for Tumen, then went by bus to Xuzhou. Once again, the scenery was absolutely magnificent.

Tumen bridge.

We took the bus and arrived in Xuzhou in the early afternoon. Xuzhou is the regional seat of Hubei Province, which is famous for its beautiful tea

trades and silk     Nature Sounds

We got off the bus and caught a taxi to the train station. It was too late to catch the 1:00 pm train so we took a taxi back to the bus station, got on another one and took it to Shangri-La Hotel in

Harbin. The train trip was a long one but we did manage to catch a little sleep.

Shangri-La in Harbin

Harbin Shangri-La Hotel – where the party is starting.

Shangri-La in Harbin

Once again we got to Harbin and there was no traffic at all.

Hanging out in the lobby

At this hotel we were able to see a unique “scavenger hunt” in which each of the players had a group of ten items they were supposed to find around the hotel.

Beanie – Bird Shop

We started at the Tea Shop, then got in the elevator to level 6, and passed by the Grand Lobby with its wonderful bistro, then we checked out the Grand Ballroom with the massive grand piano.

This was the view from the Grand Lobby.

The sight of all the crazy things in the lobby brought back memories of that New Year’s Eve!

I guess I won’t be able to take anymore pictures. It’s taking me forever to get through this!

Welcome Party at Shangri-La Hotel

We were able to get off our feet for a while and just enjoy the atmosphere. There was dancing, and lots of music. It felt a little strange because here we are, a western couple, who were off our feet for over a week, and we felt like we should be doing something active.

However, it was a nice feeling to relax for a while and just enjoy being there with all the other people. It was all I could do to not pick a beer and start dancing like a complete fool.

Not everyone was as willing as I was.

The black lady wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer.

I’m not exactly sure who she was, but I would guess it was one of the women who was volunteering at the dance lessons the previous day.

We were having a blast.

The Chinese say “pride comes before a fall.” I was totally proud of myself for not dancing the first few times, but the more people that came up and wanted me to dance, the more I was having fun and the more I was getting into it.

By the end of the night I was spinning around on the dance floor like I was the winner of a prize fight.

Everyone at the Shangri-La Party wanted to dance with me.

So, It was off to the New Year’s party!

New Year’s Party at the Shangri-La Hotel

(This is a picture of the area where the ballroom was. The entrance to the area where the party was was closed so it was hard to see what was going on, but it was great.)

Our room was next to the ballroom, which looked like it was huge. I thought the party would be there, but I had no idea how big it was.

I had a great time dancing with everyone. I really didn’t want it to end.

At one point I was dancing with this really good looking girl and suddenly I felt someone poke me in the ribs. I turned around and there was this tall man who I was supposed to be dancing with.

I was embarrassed and tried to make some excuse for what happened, but I wasn’t very convincing.

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