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Wasim Khan resigned from Post

PCB Chairman and Wasim Khan

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) head Wasim Khan has resigned from his position. The PCB announced the news Wednesday. In a statement, the PCB said its board of governors will meet to discuss the matter later today. PCB Chief Selector Wasim Khan T20 Despite the power reduction, sources within the ministry said that Wasim Khan resigned from the post.

Wasim Khan tendered his resignation in a meeting with Ramiz Raja on Wednesday morning, according to sources. The former chairman of the board appointed him to run the board on a modern model, and he had a three-year contract that ended in 2022.“We have begun the process of revamping the PCB and now we have an experienced leader overseeing implementation of the Board’s decisions,” Mani announced when announcing Wasim Khan’s appointment. His first task will be overseeing the reforms of domestic cricket structure.

‘90% of the PCB should  sacked’

Last month, Ramiz Raja also hinted at the need for a complete system overhaul at the PCB in his first press conference. Ramiz Raja had replied when asked if Wasim Khan will continue under his leadership, “Firstly, this is an internal matter of the organization, so I won’t share anything with you.” If scrolls were involved, 90% of the PCB would be sacked, he had said.

Ramiz then clarified that he had no issue with tenures and that he was seeking “people for the execution” of his plans. The Board of Governors (BoG) asked him to explain to them that he has 10,000 ideas and hopes. He added that he needs a team to accomplish these things. We discussed how to accomplish them.

Wasim Khan and Ramiz Raja PCB 

After Ramiz Raja appointed as the new cricket board chief, rum ours of change within the PCB began flourishing. As soon as Pakistan’s T20 World Cup team was announced, both coaching staff members stepped down from their roles. As he had said, he had always expected that if he was given this position he would change the direction of cricket a bit. “I think there are some long-term goals and some short-term goals,” he had said. PCB Chief Selector Wasim Khan T20

Doctors have advised the all-rounder to rest, Punjab Central reported. Prime Minister Imran Khan met with the former Pakistan captain and PCB chairman Ramiz Raja at the Prime Minister’s office only a few days ago.

During the meeting with the incoming T20 World Cup squad, PM Imran Khan urged the team to do well in the upcoming event. Hafeez said it was inspirational to meet his “hero” Prime Minister Imran before the tournament. After New Zealand and England abruptly canceled their Pakistan tours, the PCB held its meeting against this backdrop.

Ramiz Raja said England’s withdrawal disappointed him a great deal, however, he believed it was inevitable. The western block unites in an attempt to support each other, unfortunately.

PCB T20 World Cup

The decision by England to cancel the tour follows the withdrawal of New Zealand from the cricket series just days before the first ODI in Rawalpindi on Friday. In addition to three ODIs, New Zealand played five T20Is.

A security threat/perception can  use to justify any decision. In the past, New Zealand did not share any information about the threat it faced with the PCB. This is because our security agencies and standards have honed over time. It was a setback, that they [Kiwis] just flew home with an aero plane without telling our agencies anything about the threat.”

In reality, this [England’s decision] was expected because the western bloc follows suit. However, this offer is to teach us a lesson. We do our best to pamper these teams when they visit us. And our players are carefully quarantine and tolerate their admonishments. Life will only take us where our interest takes us,” he concluded.

PCB’s interest is non-stop cricket in Pakistan’

The PCB’s interest is non-stop cricket throughout Pakistan, Ramiz Raja said in a visibly angry tone. “If the cricket fraternity doesn’t look after each other, then this sport has no purpose. New Zealand, England, and now West Indies (which can  win), Australia are already re-evaluating their options. We thought they were our own nation. Instead, they look for reasons to wriggle out of Pakistan, including security and mental fatigue.”

“There would have no decline on the part of these teams had we had a powerful team” Ramiz Raja said. Therefore, he emphasized, “We need to expand our cricket economy to remain attractive to these countries, so that they keep coming to play with us.”

 By playing in the PSL, they do not get spook or fatigued, but collectively they have a different outlook toward Pakistan. “PCB Chief Selector Wasim Khan T20

According to Ramiz Raja, neither Australia nor British travel advisories have  changed. A major threat would have led to them changing their travel advisory, he said. “We expected England to step up as it has cultural ties to Pakistan,” he said, adding that he had discussed the same matter with the chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board. The cricket fraternity will also  repaid in their own currency if it blocks us.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja And Wasim Khan Differences

Ramiz Raja referred to the current situation as an opportunity for Pakistan’s. team and fans to channel their anger and back Pakistan. The Pakistan cricketers should use the T20 World Cup as a means of vengeance against England and New Zealand as well as India at the mega event. Also ruling out other options was Ramiz Raja, who said steps taken out of desperation will not work. He said he would play cricket appropriately on Pakistani soil, and invite other teams to do the same. A powerful Pakistan will emerge from the lessons New Zealand and England learned, he added

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