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winning Ryder Cup 2 days ago

Bryson DeChambeau misses big long-drive contest drive after winning Ryder Cup 2 days ago

Two days after Team US’ historic 19-9 win over Europe at Whistling Straits, ‘The Scientist’, 28, participated in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship, just one week after his nickname. winning Ryder Cup 2 days ago On his five longest drives in Mesquite, DeChambeau averaged 406.8 yards – 412, 408, 407, 403 and 401 yards. 

DeChambeau qualified for the next round of the 80-man Open Division with a score of 800 points over the five sets he played. A 16-man group is formed in the first round. But, each set in each of the groups has 200 points available for winning, 100 points for finishing second, and 50 points for finishing third.

The top 12 in each group advance to the next stage, with He finishing second in his group. He is one of 32 players who will play the third round on Thursday. But, in the final 16 there will be eight surviving players, and then the final four will compete for the world championship.

The 2014 long drive world championship was won by Bryson DeChambeau

It felt good to win a big tournament today, even though it was my first time to play in a PGA event,” said DeChambeau afterwards.

Getting out there for the first set was a little nerve wracking for me. It’s almost like a shot-put exhibition, I thought to myself. I was uncomfortable. As time went on, I became more and more comfortable as I went forward.” It was still possible to hit more drives longer than DeChambeau, but he only topped nine, including three who went twice as far as him.

The top-ranked Kyle Berkshire completed a 455-yard bomb – one of 11 drives with at least 413 yards. 2020 US Open champ Ding said before the start of the Ryder Cup that he was suffering from hand injuries. 

When the Coronavirus pandemic shut down the PGA Tour for several months, DeChambeau transformed his body, adding nearly 40 pounds of muscle and becoming the longest driver in the history of the game.

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His astounding drive on the par-five fifth hole left him with a 72-yard drive to the pin to wow crowds over the three days in Wisconsin for the Ryder Cup. Ultimately, the eagle helped the US to the largest winning margin in Ryder Cup history with their romp to victory. 

Three drives exceeding 350km/h travelled 400-yards in the Round of 16 for DeChambeau, who had launched five drives in his opening rounds through the week.

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Bryson cup

The recent Ryder Cup winner played five sets of six shots each, and the top eight performers from each four-man set made up the final 16. The previous Ryder Cup winner was Paul DeChambeau, and he went on to the quarterfinals. Bryant earned two second-place finishes and two third-place finishes before winning the final set to secure his spot.

A 389-yarder from DeChambeau in the first set trailed in distance by eight yards, an opening shot from Berkshire, an American. Then German legend Martin Borgmeier delivered a 416-yard bomb to turn the match around. A 386-yard shot followed by an unbelievable 417-yarder, which recalculated to 406 yards, earning DeCheambeau second place.

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