Women’s Sports During Pandemics

In light of the pandemic, the public has become more interested in women’s sport, says Sky Sports and Leaders In Sport report

Women's sports during pandemic

More than a quarter of men (24%) are now following more women in sport than they were 18 months ago; those polled stressed the importance of growing coverage of women in sport. Female sports interest has increased during the pandemic, with 21% of UK adults watching more women’s sport than they did 18 months ago, according to Sky Sports and Leadership in Sport. Women’s Sports During Pandemics

New research shows more men are following women’s sports during the pandemic, with 25 percent of men reporting they are now following more women’s sports.

Sports and gender inequity

Report ‘Women’s Sport: Rebounding from Pandemic?. ”Pandemic?. ”Pandemic?.’‘ The report speculates some of the reasons, with more than two-thirds (68 percent) of women. Who follow more women’s sport stating that they enjoy the coverage they receive.

Chair of the fan-led review of soccer and former minister for sports, Tracey Crouch, said: “This research shows that, despite the challenges of the pandemic, women’s sport is thriving after an exciting summer of sport.”

It is necessary to recognize the innovative ways in which broadcasters, like Sky Sports, have supported the growth of women’s sport, which has led to more viewers and followers.”

Issues and sports for women

Women's sports during pandemic

Sky Sports managing director Jonathan Licht said: “This report shows that women’s sport is once again prospering and overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic. It’s encouraging to see that public interest in the sport has increased as a result of these new figures.”

Our success with the Hundred at the start of the new broadcast deal and the impressive viewing figures for the new Women’s Super League show how women’s sport is gaining momentum. We’re excited to contribute to its long-term success.”

Nineteen percent of respondents said that news coverage has influenced their desire to watch or attend women’s sport. while 41 percent believe that women’s sport should be treated equally to men’s when it hits television screens.

Pandemic challenges

Nearly half of the respondents (49%) advocate parity in sports marketing. Which women and men athletes appear equally in advertising, while thirty-two percent of those who have watched more women’s sport said that social media and advertising had provided news about it and its stars.

Reports from industry experts discuss the opportunities and threats facing women’s sport.  Along with the strategies and leadership that are helping it to recover from the pandemic’s worst effects. In the past, Leaders has been proactively seeking to change the pace of change in the industry the company knows and loves through multiple events, series, and programmers.

Despite the fact that women’s sport still has a long way to go before we reach parity. We’re glad that this report explores how the appetite to watch and engage with women’s sports has significantly increased over the last few years. So, when this pandemic has been started than new challenges take birth. All those challenges faced by women in every where in the world.


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