Dimitar Berbatov: Former Man Utd forward

Dimitar Berbatov: Former Man Utd

Dimitar Berbatov: Former Man Utd forward fights for the role of Bulgarian Football Union President Dimitar Berbatov: Former Man Utd forward faces fate

Dimitar Berbatov: Former Man Utd forward

Earlier this month Dimitar Berbatov faced a pivotal day, when he learned if he had been selected as Bulgarian Football Union’s President. It has been in the hands of current boss Borislav Mihaylov for most of the last 16 years. Dimitar Berbatov: Former Man Utd forward

When Dimitar Berbatov competes for the position of Bulgarian Football Union President, it may be a day of destiny.

Sky Sports News has given a rundown of the key issues in the presidential race and assessed the chances of Berbatov ousting incumbent Borislav Mihaylov

An emergency election to choose Bulgaria’s future president will take place around a mile from the Vasil Levski stadium.

Both Berbatov and Mihaylov are high-profile candidates, with the former playing for Manchester United and Tottenham and the current president receiving enough votes to force an election. The court ruled in favour of Berbatov on the legitimacy of his vote, so the election will be held today.

During the last 16 years, Mihaylov has held the role most of the time. In 2019, he resigned from the board due to racial abuse of England players. Only to return over a year later, claiming that the board had not authorized the final decision.

Is Dimitar Berbatov seeking the presidency because he is a member of the Communist Party?

In a Monday interview with football expert Metodi Shumanov, Begatov said he wants “radical changes” in Bulgarian football. In his view, the high-profile scandals, the police raids, and the accusations of corruption harm Bulgaria’s international image.

Sky Sports News report this week that Berbatov is “fighting the system.” A second source described previous elections without allowing the opponent to enter the building.

If fans put pressure on their clubs through their support, it is unclear whether that will influence the process.

In Balbatov’s opinion, many of the rivals will avoid their rivalries today and protest outside the venue. Fifty-eight votes are available and the outcome¬† determined by each club.

How will Borislav Mihaylov react?

Due to reports that fans will protest against him, it is unclear if Mihaylov will perform today. The international association, however, has a clear preference for Berbatov, with manager Yasen Petrov hinting he may resign if Berbatov wins.

His colleagues also support him wholeheartedly. Bulgaria’s upcoming game with Northern Ireland¬† scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. UK time.


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